A Preacher Poem by Yeshiembet/Yeshi Gemaneh Poet 

“What Shall We Do?”
Articulated young preacher
Quoted from the book of Acts

And elaborated on “What Shall We Do?”
That was a message to the Apostles
What to do to be free from their sins
That was from Biblical point of view

How about from worldly view point
What can be done to change many erosions?
Homes that is close to crumbling
A youth with no guidance who walks
At the edge of a cliff
Old and weak murmuring for help
And those who lived under darkened part of earth

The intellect and strength of women
Undermined by male chauvinism
To balance unfair and inequality at work place
Those erupting peace
And many more …
What shall or can be done?
I leave it to you
If you have prevalent and clear voice
Than a preacher

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