Neighborhood Hummingbird Poem by Yeshiembet/Yeshi Gemaneh Poet 

This is your friend Hummingbird
my motto is to hume
You make a hbit of lisenting
I am impressed and moved
by what I heard last night
your song on rainbow:

“Above the sea
Beneath the sky
Somewhere in between
There is a rainbow

When all colors combined
Blended together
That is a formation of rainbow
Magnifying the beauty of nature

Unreachable tower up above so high
Watching in a distance is a delight
Every child wishing to touch you rainbow!”

You are right, too high to reach and touch it
who knows if you study hard and become
Astronaut will be able even to walk on the
moon. If you study hard will take to
“unreachable tower,”
I will get back with my humming soon.

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