Zoraida Rivera

Where can I start. I love to write..I received (A-) on my Journal Writing Class,.. when I went to study for my G.E.D...My poetry really started when I first wrote (Why Bother)...I wrote it for a guy that I use to date..My favorite flower is a Blue Rose..I use to roller blade in Central Park in Manhattan in New York City....I use to love swimming, I was a very good Diver..I love pretty things..I have flowers all around my bedroom..I wear ribbons on my hair..Now that I am older, I spend my time making jewelry, for fun...I write my poems..

Fun? Poem by Zoraida Rivera Poet 

Funeral…. Why is it that the firstthree letters in funeralspells fun? Does anyone knowwhy? Is it an answer,we’re yet to know?.. Is it something weshould know?… Is it fun and gamesafter we leavethis earth? I guess, we’ll never knowuntil is ourturn to go… No disrespectto our love onesand to all that passed..