Not your Yoyo Poem by ZW Poet 

Back and forth you pull my stringsIn your web of liesFirst a Break Away unfazedA simple Laceration knowing my returnNever once feeling remorse completely utterly coldUntil this day I cut your string never to returnKnowing the truth as finally set me freeAs the truth will always be No longer your Yoyo finally I am free.

Fun? Poem by Zoraida Rivera Poet 

Funeral…. Why is it that the firstthree letters in funeralspells fun? Does anyone knowwhy? Is it an answer,we’re yet to know?.. Is it something weshould know?… Is it fun and gamesafter we leavethis earth? I guess, we’ll never knowuntil is ourturn to go… No disrespectto our love onesand to all that passed..

Game day Poem by Zorium Poet 

A state named AlabamaSouthern as it may seemIs the home of a very famous football teamTwo tales of legend clash togetherFor any condition not scared of weatherFans of all ages cry out their namesOne single team, with great big flames