Before you realize… Poem by Zoraida Rivera Poet 

No regrets do I hold,
for what’s the sense
of it all…

Regrets will only leave
you cold, cold inside
your soul…

From time to time
we make wrong decisions,
for this I know…

We wrong our love ones
our friends and at times those
we don’t really know..

We choose the wrong career,
some drop out of school
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

Dont spent your life

Do something about it…

For the hours are passing
months, years are speeding by
passing by us, all so very fast…

In a blink of an eye
gray and old we get..

So, stop regreting,
do something about it..
live, forgive and move on…

Before you realize,
you’re gone….

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