A River Poem by Zubair Hussain Poet 

A river, a river where do you flow,
I flow across everything which comes on my road,
A river, a river what do you see,
I see many things on my way to meet the sea.
A poor farmer taking a bucket or two,
A poor child throwing mud and stones,
A poor girl filling water for cleaning,
A concrete jungle pouring dirty things…
Some fisherman sails with their nets
Some animals to satisfy their thirst
Birds flew over mostly throwing dust,
Wind passes by making whistling sound
Some old man on the bench passing time
Some lovers do come when moon appears
Some thieves also come with their steal
Little boys are kept away as they may fall down
I really cherish everything that comes around.
I feel little sad when I see I am misused
In the name of flood my water is subdued
I feel like crying when I am abused
Sometime in the name of region or religion.

Please do me a favour , allow me to free flow
I promise will make everyone’s life glow.

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